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Where Will You Put Your Copy?

MCApril 14, 2011

Readers who preordered early have been so excited to finally receive their copies of Modernist Cuisine that they have been emailing us photos of the books in their kitchen, libraries, or living rooms. As the 6,000 sets from the first printing make their way to customers—more than 4,500 have already been delivered, and the rest are in various stages of distribution—the proud owners have a decision to make. Where do you put such a lovely and large five-volume set? (It’s clear where the sixth volume, the waterproof Kitchen Manual, belongs: in the kitchen!) The snapshots below show a few owners’ answers to that question, including a video from Seattle Food Geek. Send us your photo and we’ll add it to the slideshow.

If you preordered but are still waiting patiently for your copy to arrive, know that it is coming. We’ve received a handful of emails from customers who were told by Barnes & Noble that their order had been cancelled. Rest assured that we’re in touch with Barnes & Noble and other retailers who are selling the book so that they have the latest information about when the next shipments will arrive at their warehouses. B&N assures us that all who have ordered Modernist Cuisine so far will receive copies, and they are getting in touch directly with customers who received incorrect information. Most of the back ordered books will be shipped this month.

The remaining 2,000 or so orders that exceeded the first printing will be filled when copies arrive from the second printing, starting in July and continuing through the summer. As much as we’d love to tell you exactly when your book will arrive, we don’t have access to that information. All we can say is that, based on what we’re hearing from customers who now have the book, you’ll find it was worth the wait.

VIDEO: Seattle Food Geek Unboxes His Copy

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10 Responses to “Where Will You Put Your Copy?”

  1. charles

    Thanks so much for the update! I am one of the people who ordered from B&N and after sending several emails to customer support asking for updates, randomly got a message saying that my order had been cancelled!

    After speaking to several managers, I was eventually told that they would place a note on my account so that when I reordered MC my order would still be fulfilled in the original order (i.e. – I would not be moved to the back of the line).

    I can’t wait!

  2. Opening up the box was like unpacking fine electronics. The books are on a large counter between kitchen and family room – wholly appropriate, as they are both cookbooks and rich entertainment for foodies.

    • That’s a bit puzzling. This suggests they intend to fulfill your order from the first printing, but they should be able to do that in May; the final shipment of books from the first printing is already en route to them. We don’t expect books from the second printing to be available from Amazon before the end of June.

      • Must have been a glitch their end, since I just got a new date that makes sense… Delighted to get the last of the 1st edition!

        From: order-update@amazon.com
        Subject: Your Amazon.com order (#105-8734801-xxxxxxx)
        Date: Apr 25, 2011 2:10 PM


        We have good news! We’re able to get this part of your order to you faster than we originally promised:

        Nathan Myhrvold, et al “Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking”
        Previous estimated arrival date: June 02 2011 – June 15 2011
        New estimated arrival date: April 29 2011

  3. I got mine but waited 2 weeks to open them. AMAZING!!!! Looking in to buying a safe for them. Adding them to the Will. They are “PURE ART” in bed with Scientific Information. Too many haters in the world to just leave them out for just anyone to touch. But the haters will be eating well when they visit. Just the thought of it all…Seeing, thinking, understanding, creating, tasting pure bliss!!! Thank you!

  4. Stuart Millinship

    Yeah my shelf is up there number 8 when I looked. MC sandwiched between all the el Bulli cook books and the Big Fat Duck the perfect position. Everyone asks how does it stand the weight – it’s vitsoe can take a lot more than that, also easy to move and change (no relation)

    Off now back to read, almost at the end of book 1 – v interesting and v useful but looking forward to 2 when the cooking starts. That said got my beef cheeks (plain old ox) in at 62C for 72hrs for Fridays meal.

  5. Corey Hume

    My bookshelf was recently destroyed in February in an earthquake, and the MC arrrived only two weeks later, which was a welcome delivery to say the least. So when I’m able, I’m going to create a very special place for it so everyone can see it. And where I can more importantly regularly access it.

    At the moment, it is sitting beside the CIA frozen dessert and Alain Ducasse’s Grand Livre dessert books, with Hestons Fantastical Feasts resting above the perspex frame. It’s right beside my bed so in another big earthquake, I can grab it as I run out the door!