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Mushroom Comté Pizza

Recipe • July 19, 2023

The mushroom and comté pizza is hands down one of our absolute favorite recipes from Modernist Pizza. The flavors and textures of the finished pizza are simply the best expressions of mushrooms that we could produce. This pizza is bound to be a hit at your next dinner or pizza party.

One of the most important components of this pizza is the pressure-caramelized shiitake puree that we use as a sauce. Not only does it concentrate the flavor of the mushroom, but the caramelization is also deeply enhanced by the method we use to make it. When we combine the effectiveness of a pressure cooker with our recipe for pressure-caramelizing vegetables – in this case, shiitake mushrooms – we obtain particularly rich results. The resulting sauce intensifies the caramelization of sugars and concentrates the flavor through the alkalinity of the baking soda and the heat buildup in the pressure cooker, resulting in a delightfully unique pizza sauce.

Oh, and then there are the truffles to top it all off.


Mushroom comte recipe

Tips and Substitutions

  • You can use a white sauce or thick dairy products, such as Greek yogurt or ricotta, instead of the mushroom sauce.
  • Instead of slicing black truffles, you could drizzle the pizza with truffle oil after baking.
  • Any type of mushrooms or a mix of mushrooms will work on this pizza.
  • Want to make this pizza with a different style of dough? You can find a table to help you convert to different pizza styles and sizes on page 355 in Volume 3 of Modernist Pizza.