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Deep-Dish Tomato Sauce

Recipe • September 13, 2023

Pizzaioli making deep-dish and Detroit-style pizzas apply the sauce à la minute, just before it is served. Both of these pizzas take a long time to bake, and the sauce can significantly impact that process. That’s because sauce contains a lot of water, and when it covers a thick piece of pizza dough, the heat will radiate very poorly and very slowly toward the center of the crust. Taking the sauce out of the equation from the beginning significantly reduces baking time. For these types of pizzas, we keep the sauce hot and spoon or pipe it on top immediately after baking. You can make the sauce up to 4 days ahead of time and reheat it.

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  • Tomato puree is seedless. Most tomato purees will work here, but we like the texture and flavor of the Sclafani brand.