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Paprika-Infused Mozzarella

Recipe • October 10, 2023

Infused mozzarella paprika pizza.

We contend that it’s fun to make mozzarella; it lets you experience the ingredient on a whole new level. Plus, once you do start making your own cheese, you gain an opportunity to make something that you can’t buy, like our infused mozzarellas, which are not only beautiful but also delicious. We developed a handful of flavored mozzarellas during a series of experiments, including ones infused with spices, fresh herbs, and flavored oils, before using them as a jumping-off point for creating different flavor profiles.

Combining creamy mozzarella with the bold, smoky essence of paprika, this recipe for homemade paprika-infused fior di latte mozzarella is a great entry point for learning to make your own cheese. While this mozzarella is great on its own, it will also take your pizzas to a whole new level. For example, our paprika-infused mozzarella pizza is topped with mascarpone cheese, paprika-infused fior di latte mozzarella cheese, fingerling potatoes, Spanish chorizo, and parsley while our basil-infused mozzarella pizza features classic Neapolitan pizza tomato sauce, basil-infused fior di latte mozzarella cheese, ricotta, heirloom tomato, basil, and olive oil. You can use these mozzarellas with just about any style of pizza, but we like them best on Neapolitan pizzas because the style showcases fresh mozzarella so well.

This recipe for paprika-infused fior di latte mozzarella incorporates our process for making uncultured homemade mozzarella, which, like ricotta (see page 338 in volume 2 of Modernist Pizza) is relatively simple to make. In all, this recipe takes around 2 hours to make, with about 20–25 min of active time. No special tools are required, although you will need a fine mesh sieve and cheesecloth to drain the curds as well as a kitchen thermometer and timer, which you’ll use throughout the cheese-making process. As far as ingredients go, make sure you have citric acid and liquid animal rennet on hand as well as calcium lactate to make a storage bath. The mozzarella is amazing fresh but can be stored for up to one week in refrigeration.

The technique for infusing the cheese with paprika can be applied to other spices as well as herbs and oils. Or you can give it an additional Modernist twist by vacuum infusing the mozzarella with wine, ponzu, or your favorite hot sauce. For additional infusion recipes, including saffron, fresh basil, garlic confit oil, and more, turn to page 337 in volume 2 of Modernist Pizza. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, we encourage you to use these as a starting point to experiment and create new infused mozzarellas of your own.

Interested in the fundamentals of making mozzarella from scratch? Be sure to dive into our Making Homemade Mozzarella blog for a comprehensive guide.

As you embark on your own mozzarella experiments, we invite you to share your culinary adventures with us on social media. We’re thrilled to be part of your journey and eagerly anticipate your feedback and thoughts!




Tips & Substitutions

  • Overstretching the mozzarella or handling it too much can result in a tougher final texture.
  • We recommend using sugar-pulling gloves (or doubling up on regular gloves) when you make mozzarella since the water for the stretching process is quite hot.
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