New Excerpt!

We have made a 20-page excerpt from Modernist Cuisine available for download. This section tells the story of the book and provides insight into why we created it and the philosophy that guided us in designing and writing it. The excerpt also discusses how we made the photographs and offers a few illustrations of the recipes to explain how our recipe formats work. We hope you enjoy it.


Welcome to our web site!

It is very exciting to have our web site go online so that we can share our project with the world. We have been working away for years on the project, and are nearing completion. The web site is a great milestone. It lets us show off a tiny bit of what is in the book.

The site is a work in progress, so expect that we’ll add features and content over time. We have been putting so much effort into the book itself that it was hard to find time for the web site. As the book heads off to the printers, we’ll have some more time to lavish on the site, but we’re pretty tied up for the next few weeks.

Right now, we have a lot of pages to proofread! Galley proofs are coming in, and a million last-minute details need to be handled. This will consume most of our energy, but I will try to post updates here as I find the time.

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