Tasting Table

Baking sourdough bread can be such a challenging process that you might end up overlooking one of the most essential factors: what type of flour you’re using.

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Just outside bustling Seattle, across the expanse of Lake Washington in an unassuming area of Bellevue, Myhrvold’s technological Wonka factory hums away, researching and photographing the cutting-edge science of food.

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New York Times

As a companion to the 420-page book and a 172-page recipe manual, there is also a series of free monthly email courses. They will be available through August; it is not necessary to own the book, though it will be referenced throughout the courses. “Getting Started With Bread Basics” is running this month, and “Navigating Bread Making From Start to Finish” will be covered in April. Those who enroll will receive one lesson per day in their inbox, for five to seven sessions, as well as a recap.

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New Day NW

Modernist Cuisine’s Nathan Myhrvold shares how he captures and then photographs snowflakes. Watch here.


Modernist Cuisine founder Nathan Myhrvold followed his passions of photography and food from an early age to create revolutionary images.


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Tasting Table

After all, can pizza really ever be burnt? And why do so many people hate the sooty flavor and charred bottom of a classic New Haven apizza? But with pizza, there’s more than meets the crust.We had an opportunity to chat with food expert Nathan Myhrvold about the true meaning of “burnt” pizza.


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The Creative Factor

After working as Microsoft’s first Chief Technology Officer, launching the invention business Intellectual Ventures (where he personally has been awarded 900 patents), and publishing numerous scientific papers covering everything from quantum physics and dinosaur paleontology to climate change and more, what could Nathan Myhrvold possibly do for an encore?

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Digital Camera World

How ‘super panorama’ robotic rigs help photographer Nathan Myhrvold capture the northern lights in super-high resolution.


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The Martha Stewart Podcast

Nathan Myhrvold is a voracious intellect: he enrolled in college at the age of 14, he has multiple degrees in mathematics, geophysics and physics, he helped build Microsoft as its Chief Technology Officer, and he has published 16 volumes of encyclopedic, visually arresting books. Martha is a longtime friend and admirer. She connects with him in his lab to talk about his latest book, Food and Drink: Modernist Cuisine Photography, and a range of other projects, from building nuclear reactors to perfecting pastry. Listen in as the sparks fly.


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The Splendid Table

Take a deep dive into pizza with the co-author of the voluminous Modernist Pizza, Nathan Myhrvold. We get into the history, culture, and techniques behind great pizza. We hear stories from his worldwide travels and deep dives into pizza cultures and traditions. Plus, we hear about the culinary lab research devoted to making the best pizza ever, and he sticks around to answer your pizza-making questions. He is the founder of the Modernist Cuisine Lab.

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