Behind The Scenes

December 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes at a Lab Dinner, Part 2

The second in our three-part series reveals how Maxime and the research cooks choreograph the ultimate dinner party.

December 6, 2011

The Harvard Lecture

Nathan recently gave an invited lecture at Harvard University as part of the school's Science & Cooking series. Watch the entire presentation, complete with Nathan dipping his hand into liquid nitrogen, here.

December 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes at a Lab Dinner, Part 1

A peek at what it is like to prepare a 33-course tasting meal at The Cooking Lab for 16 VIP guests (part 1 of 3)

October 21, 2011

Bill Gates on Nathan Myhrvold and Modernist Cuisine

Check out the new video, slideshow, and review at

August 11, 2011

Nathan’s Naan

How a tandoor is like a volcanic skylight

July 27, 2011

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, Part 3

MC lead photographer Ryan Smith describes the evolution of the distinctive photographic style of the book.

July 22, 2011

Cooking Sous Vide–in the Kitchen Sink

Cook salmon to perfection is simpler than you might think

July 14, 2011

Have You Seen the Modernist Cuisine Trailer Yet?

Check out our behind-the-scenes footage.

July 5, 2011

Nathan’s Modernist Cuisine TED Talk

As enthusiastic as any proud parent, Nathan presents Modernist Cuisine during his TED Talk for TED University in March. This is one of the first times anyone saw a copy of Modernist Cuisine.

May 9, 2011

The Culinary Team Answers Questions from Readers

The MC culinary team shares some insights at eGullet

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