Maria Speck

“This unparalleled collection explores bread and dough from every angle, upending long-held beliefs and inspiring with a cauldron of science, history, recipes, and cutting-edge photography. A must-have resource for every serious baker.”

Nicky Giusto

“Modernist Bread is the most comprehensive collection of bread knowledge out there. A must have for anyone exploring our profession.”

Thomas Keller

“Modernist Bread is the defining story of bread and it has proudly become a reference guide for our bakery teams. Its historical perspective, analysis of ingredients, techniques with in-depth explanations provide the tools for better baking. Nathan Myhrvold and his team have done it again.”

David Kinch

“Nathan and his team in the Modernist kitchens continue to inspire with their ground-breaking work, photography and research with Modernist Bread. It will remain on the shelves and relevant for a generation to come.”

Harold McGee

“Myrhvold and Migoya’s Modernist Bread is a landmark treatise, sure to enlighten and fascinate anyone with any level of interest in this wonderfully diverse mainstay of human nourishment.”

Eric Ripert

“An incredible masterpiece from Nathan Myhrvold at Modernist Cuisine.”

Amanda Cohen

“Usually the bigger a book is the less useful it is, but not in this case. Modernist Bread has become my go-to reference book for bread: it’s the why, it’s the how, and it’s recipes that work time and time again.”

Rene Redzepi

“This book is an essential read for anyone who cares to understand one of the world’s most fundamental foods — bread.”

Daniel Humm

“This is a remarkable resource and beautiful addition to any bookshelf. Nathan and his team approach cooking and cookbooks in a way unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and I can’t recommend their work enough.”