Peter Reinhart

“Modernist Bread is a monumental achievement, consolidating and also expanding all the world’s knowledge about this most beloved and complex food. It’s also beautifully designed and visually stunning.”

Michael Kalanty

“Modernist Bread aims to be disruptive, comprehensive and visually stunning –all of which it undeniably delivers!”

Amy Scherber

“Modernist Bread provides a whole new way to look at bread. From the interesting research and the formulas, to the incredible photographs that take you inside fermentation on a fascinating visual journey.  It’s fantastic!”

Zachary Golper

“Nathan Myhrvold has put together what is possibly the world’s most practically useful book series on the demystification of the science of bread making. This single publication will inevitably transform the understanding of bakers in a way unprecedented. I can only imagine the advancements that will be made globally based on his team’s research, and I believe that any serious bread baker should add this series to their collection.”

Ken Forkish

“Science tackles myth and tells us what’s really going on in this magnum opus to bread, western civilization’s greatest, and most culturally significant food (except maybe pizza). Stunning, museum-worthy photography (scanning electron microscope, anyone?) goes inside the dough, and inside the oven too, to show what the human eye can’t see. These volumes are immediately an essential element in the canon of books on bread.”

Didier Rosada

“A new and innovative approach on baking with breathtaking pictures.”

Cristina Bowerman

“How did I live without it? This book is a visionary achievement that has changed the way cooks operate in the kitchen. Forever.”

Kenji Lopez-Alt

“Bread and bread-like-foods have been the cornerstone of civilization for millennia, and like the very best bread, Modernist Bread combines a deep knowledge of traditional technique with modern scientific understanding in a way that will completely change the way you think about flour, water, and yeast.”

Richard Bertinet

“When my copies of Modernist Bread arrived I was stunned by the volume and the weight of the books! The text and photographs and researches that must have been put into it is unbelievable! It’s worth it’s weight in Dough to every bakers in the world and a must to understand our baking world.”

Lars Peterson

“The most comprehensive work ever made on modern breadmaking! a useful tool and inspiration for the passionate baker with facts, insights and technique, all combined in a beautifully illustrated five-volume book.”