Apollonia Poilâne

“Modernist Bread is the book you’ve been waiting for to discover bread from every angle.”

Dave Beran

“Modernist Bread is such a brilliant and functional kitchen tool. The book is a comprehensive yet approachable baking guide for all aspects of the professional and home kitchen. It has become a staple in our kitchen for a baseline reference to all things baked.”

Glenn Roberts

“Modernist Bread is a breathtaking scientific and cultural exploration of ancient to modern breads with thousands of approachable no nonsense-yet revelatory-theories and formulas. The illustrations and images are both playful and beautiful. Always on point, Modernist Bread is our daily reference at Anson Mills.”

Don Guerra

“Bread is part art and part science. Modernist Cuisine has brought together some of the industry’s top artisans to share their skills and unravel the technical aspects of what is really happening in bread fermentation and baking. Through this incredibly detailed book, Modernist Cuisine bonds us together to celebrate and explain our craft and how things work the way they do.”

Pierluigi Roscioli

“Bread speaks the universal language of simplicity: water, flour and yeast are available from the night of the times. Modernist Bread edition is a feasty celebration of the most important food humanity has ever had: it’s a biography of us all! Buona lettura!”

Justin Gellatly

“The Alchemy of Bread Is now an Open Crumb thanks to Modernist Bread”

Paula Oland

“Modernist Bread is a gorgeous treasure trove for both bread geeks and professionals alike. It demystifies untold aspects of bread-making history, science and fads, shedding light on the most curious and hidden areas of baking craft and lore. It is a massive undertaking, flush with large magnified photos of bread cell structures, as well as photos of art and artifacts. We look forward to the Spanish language version which should find a huge audience in American bakeries and beyond.”

Daniel Leader

Modernist Bread is my go-to resource for questions I have about advanced
techniques, complex science, and the detailed history of baking. It’s the only book that my team and I consult daily.”

Kamel Saci

“Modernist bread is from far the most complete and reliable baking book. From beginner to advanced bakers, it will help all of us to change our way to bake bread and understand the fermentation’s secrets. Highly recommended!”

Uri Scheft

“The authors of Modernist Bread not only understand, but celebrate, the delicate balance between tradition and progress that defines perfect baking. Every page of this masterwork is an object lesson in the art of bread—and the beautiful science behind it.”