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Modernist Cuisine’s Printing Process & Quality

December 13, 2010

From the very beginning of this project, Modernist Cuisine was to be of the highest possible quality. From the depth of the information and accuracy of the data, to the resolution of the images and the durability of the paper, the Modernist Cuisine team went to great lengths to ensure that the finished product would be of the highest quality. Here are a few examples of what went into the process.

Coffee and Cream

December 8, 2010

The thermal dynamics of coffee and cream. Watch two high-speed videos and tell us what you think is going on!

Meet the Kitchen Team

December 2, 2010

The Modernist Cuisine team consists of more than just the authors. For the past three years, the kitchen team has been developing and testing the information for the book. In this post, you will meet the kitchen team and learn a little about the paths that led them to the Modernist kitchen.

A Modernist Thanksgiving

November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving is the most food-focused of all U.S. holidays, and much has been written about its traditional centerpiece, the turkey. Rather than mastering the classic interpretation, the recipe in Modernist Cuisine flips it on its head by focusing on refining the flavors of a roasted bird and applying Modernist techniques.

Modernist Eye Candy: From High-Speed to Eye-Speed

November 19, 2010

Another high-speed, high-definition video shot by the Modernist Cuisine team during the creation of the book. What fast-paced, food-related action or activity would you like to see slowed down to naked-eye speed?  Leave a comment and let the team know!

A Chip Off The Old…Watermelon?

November 5, 2010

Think only witches and alchemists can turn a watermelon into a potato? Think again! In this post, Max and Johnny demonstrate how a watermelon can be infused with starch and deep-fried into an unlikely new kind of chip.

Modernist Cuisine on Martha Stewart

November 3, 2010

Martha Stewart visits the Modernist Cuisine team at the Cooking Lab

High-Speed Video: Phantom V.12.1

November 1, 2010

A little info on the Phantom V.12.1; the key piece of equipment in the production of our high speed videos

High-Speed Video: Popcorn Popping @ 6,200 FPS

October 27, 2010

Why does popcorn pop? See for yourself at a whopping 6200 frames per second!

Kitchen Tech and Progress

October 22, 2010

The link between humanity’s development and the evolution of cooking techniques is well-documented and perhaps even obvious. Less apparent, however, is that along the way, many “traditional” chefs and cooks turned up their noses at new and emerging gastronomic tools and techniques of their time.