“Exquisite detail and with stunning photos.”

ABC News

“The bible of pizza”

Wall Street Journal

“More than a cookbook…. Fascinating fun for both the professional pizza maker and the science-minded eater.”

Wall Street Journal

“Mr. Myhrvold has a real sense for food, and his tips on how to dress a “great salad,” shuck clams, and make beef jerky in a microwave will amaze and delight.”

The Australian Financial Review

“Myhrvold sees an endless opportunity to encourage innovation – and ever better food – from high-end chefs and home cooks alike.”

Smithsonian Magazine

“The movement’s manifesto, encyclopedia and summa gastronomica, 2,438 pages of cooking history, theory, chemistry and microbiology in five oversize, lavishly illustrated volumes…”

ABC News

“This is food like you have never imagined it before.”