Star Chefs

“The authors emphasize that “cuisine is the creative art in which chef and diner are in dialogue.” And it seems as if that dialogue has now transferred to the home cook, and it’s growing louder and stronger and, with this book, much, much smarter.”

The Daily Meal

“The book includes basic and advanced recipes with beautiful illustrations that will help home cooks familiarize themselves with the most modern of cooking practices.”

Wall Street Journal

“Food nerds will find much to love, but non-nerds will also benefit from lessons in using pressure cookers, making perfect steaks and cooking salmon in a toaster oven.”

Popular Science

“Modernist Cuisine at Home…takes much of the goodness of the original six-volume set and adapts it for the home cook—along with over 400 new recipes.”

The New York Times

“The ‘At Home’ recipes can still be quite demanding, but when I got to the chapter on the microwave, my world flipped on its axis.”


“The perfect gift for someone who has never even thought about baking a loaf of bread before…I baked the best loaf of bread I’ve ever baked.”

Fine Dining Lovers

“Many of his findings turn upside down conventions of baking, especially the current cult of the artisan baker.”


“If there’s anyone who might know the secret to keeping toppings on bagels, it’s Nathan Myhrvold”

Boston Globe

“With three volumes on history, technique, and ingredients before the recipes even begin, Myhrvold and co-author Francisco Migoya clearly found plenty to write about.”

Bon Appetit

“The mammoth Modernist Bread box set…will leave you craving gluten”