“The jumbo-sized images in The Photography of Modernist Cuisine are truly awesome….the ultimate coffee table book.”

Popular Photography

“It’s by far the most edifying and inspiring how-to book on food photography we’ve seen.”

Fine Cooking

“Every spread is filled with cool cooking information and mind-blowing photography.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“As visually stunning as it is scientifically vigorous and mathematically complex.”

The Montreal Gazette

“Considering the fact that cuisine has been slow to evolve, Myhrvold’s push to rethink our ways makes sense. And who better than a man who made his name at Microsoft to get us into the computer age of cooking.”


“Nathan Myhrvold and his team…have now scaled down and domesticated many of the advanced techniques…Of these, sous vide cooking is the most likely to find a place in the home kitchen, as it has in mine, and Modernist Cuisine at Home treats the subject in glorious detail.”

Associated Press

“It’s a monstrously fun and shockingly practical cookbook that truly lets you get your geek on in the kitchen.”


“Recipes call on scientific principles to produce precise results in dishes as surprising as a strawberry marinara sauce, and as accessible as a mac and cheese.”