Fine Dining Lovers

“Many of his findings turn upside down conventions of baking, especially the current cult of the artisan baker.”


“If there’s anyone who might know the secret to keeping toppings on bagels, it’s Nathan Myhrvold”

Boston Globe

“With three volumes on history, technique, and ingredients before the recipes even begin, Myhrvold and co-author Francisco Migoya clearly found plenty to write about.”

Bon Appetit

“The mammoth Modernist Bread box set…will leave you craving gluten”


“Modernist Bread—if its footprint is anything like that of its sibling—will become an essential resource for both professional and amateur chefs and bakers.”


“With page after page of densely packed photographs, graphics, recipes and narrative, Modernist Bread makes an epic effort to decipher and convey the wonder of bread.”


“Modernist bread” might sound like an oxymoron, but baking is science, and science is technology. This five-volume boxed set behemoth covers every aspect of making bread, from starter to finish.”


“When Nathan Myhrvold tells you everything you know about bread might not be true, you listen….Modernist Bread is here to change the way you think about cooking and eating bread.”

Physics World

“Modernist Bread is based on about 1600 experiments that Myhrvold and his team have carried out with state-of-the-art equipment. It promises to be the ultimate book on the history and science of bread.”

Robb Report

“Myhrvold is passionate about the idea of taking something so rooted in the old and finding a way to innovate”