Your 2013 New Year’s Resolution: Try Modernist Cooking

Ready to take on Modernist cooking?

Maybe you received Modernist Cuisine or Modernist Cuisine at Home as a holiday gift, or perhaps you’re just curious about what this whole Modernist cooking movement is. We understand that it can be intimidating either way. That’s why we’re here to help. Join us over the next three months to learn about and test-out recipes from our books.

We invite you to make “trying Modernist cuisine” your 2013 New Year’s resolution.

Each week we will publish recipes, slowly gaining in difficulty, along with articles that explain the underlying science. You’ll learn the following:

We hope you’ll take this trek with us. Make sure to register with and check in with us each week.

It’s Time for Top 10 Lists

As the year winds down, many people are compiling their top 10 lists. Top reality-TV moments, top restaurants, top scientific discoveries. We are happy to say that MC has garnered an honorable mention on Epicurious’s top 10 list.

This has been a year of stiff competition, with new books out by the likes of Blumenthal, Cooks Illustrated, P├ępin, Ruhlman, and Momofuku.

Despite this, Modernist Cuisine has made it to the very top of Amazon’s Top 10 books in the cooking, food & wine category. Amazon says it “Pushes the limits of culinary arts and photography…a stunning six-volume set.” Amazon has also recently launched its “look inside” feature for volume two of Modernist Cuisine. You can view the table of contents, scope out photos, and read about grilling.