Scott Wiener

“Nobody has ever executed this thorough a study into pizza. I’m grateful to the Modernist team for saving me countless years of research.”

Martha Stewart

“I have used and loved Nathan’s two other incredible multi-volume sets. With his definitive book Modernist Pizza, you’ll never need another book on pizza.”

J. Kenji López-Alt

“Like riding a bicycle, learning to make pizza is something that cannot be learned from a book. But confidence breeds success; I know of no better way to gain that confidence than by learning the underlying principles involved, and there is no more thoroughly researched or referenced resource for learning these principles—both ancient and modern—than Modernist Pizza.  Whether you’re a first-time pizza maker or a well-seasoned pro, it will challenge and inspire you in the kitchen and beyond.”

Christophe Vasseur

“The most detailed and comprehensive work ever wrote on bread. A must have.”

June Russell

“At a time when bakers are rediscovering the complexities of their base ingredient; wheat, Modernist Bread takes a deep dive and shines a light on the alchemy that is bread.”

Sharon Burns-Leader

“Science and art perfectly baked in one book.  Modernist Bread is balanced and beautiful like a well-made loaf.”

Gabriele Bonci

“I love Modernist Bread. I think it is one of the best books on the international food and wine scene.”

Harry Peemoeller

“Modernist Bread relentless pursuit to disentangle and demystify the Art, Science and Microbiology of Bread Baking opens up a colorful alleyway to grasp the concept of “How does Baking work” and an opportunity for inspiration and new ideas for accomplished professionals and exited beginners alike.”

Trine Hahnemann

“I always loved baking and I am sure it makes me stay sane. I have for years baked with creativity, feeling and intuition. Modernist Bread has been my companion into science, cultural knowledge and broader understanding, of what goes on when water, flour and salt is combined. It is a very important testimony to our history of baking, there interesting and surprising facts, that I am still debating, if it really can be right – which makes me go back and check again and again. This collection of books will follow me for the rest of my life, into any kitchen I will be in.”

Chad Robertson

“With knowledge comes the freedom to take things in new directions through the lens of different perspectives. This is what excites me the most about Modernist Bread.”