Blog - Page 25 of 33 - Modernist Cuisine Adds Six Great New Features

July 28, 2011

Full-text search, a recipe finder, a gear guide, an index to the Kitchen Manual, and a guide to getting started with the recipes are among the new additions to the MC web site

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, Part 3

July 27, 2011

MC lead photographer Ryan Smith describes the evolution of the distinctive photographic style of the book.

MC Wins Top Award for Print Quality

July 26, 2011

We are honored to garner a “Benny” for being best in the world among cookbooks

Cooking Sous Vide–in the Kitchen Sink

July 22, 2011

Cook salmon to perfection is simpler than you might think

Drew Carey Is Winning Bidder for the Modernist Cuisine “Experience”

July 21, 2011

The price was right for him at $7,000

Which Printing Do You Have?

July 19, 2011

First printing or second? Here’s the easy way to tell the difference.

Have You Seen the Modernist Cuisine Trailer Yet?

July 14, 2011

Check out our behind-the-scenes footage.

Second Printing Has Begun to Arrive

July 12, 2011

Booksellers are now fulfilling back-orders for Modernist Cuisine

Nathan’s Modernist Cuisine TED Talk

July 5, 2011

As enthusiastic as any proud parent, Nathan presents Modernist Cuisine during his TED Talk for TED University in March. This is one of the first times anyone saw a copy of Modernist Cuisine.

See Nathan’s Talk at Microsoft Research

June 27, 2011

MC author Nathan Myhrvold answered questions about cooking posed by Microsoft’s ace engineers and scientists.